ASIN Salt 25

ASIN Salt 25

Extremely powerful electrolyzer for pool water disinfection. With integrated measuring of salinity (current salt  in water), an indicator of power adjustable from 0 - 100%. For swimming pools and whirlpools from max 50 m3 (for bigger or extremely used pools can be connected multiple ASIN Salt`s together to get larger chlorine production) 

More info

  • Easy operation
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • For electrolysis are used titanium electrodes with ruthenium-iridium coating providing high performance and long lifespan. The electrode material also ensures no heavy metals in water
  • Control unit ensures self-cleaning of electrodes.
  • Required salt concentration is 4 kg per 1m3. This concentration is 10 times lower than in seawater.
  • No burning eyes, prophylactic effect on the skin.

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